Friday, April 9, 2010

Rutabaga Chips (SCD Advanced, GFCF)

I'm really beginning to believe that if you don't like a particular vegetable, it's just because you simply have yet to have it prepared the right way. I would not have expected the rutabaga, a large homely lump, to make an outstanding chip. It has a great crunch with a hint of sweetness to it.

A rutabaga or two
Oil for frying
Salt to taste

Good knife, cutting board and a mandolin (or similar device) for slicing

Rutabagas have a waxy coat on them and they are tough buggers to cut. Cut the rutabaga in half, then cut off the waxy coating. I used a mandolin to slice them. First I used the very thin setting, which made thin strips that crinkled when fried. They were very crunchy and sweet, but if you are wanting to use them for dip you need them thicker.

Then I sliced some with the thicker setting. They were not as sweet (a hint of sweetness), but they were sturdy enough for dips.

Heat enough oil, in a deep pan or fry daddy, and drop in some of the chips. The trick is to watch them close, you want to get them out as soon as you see a hint of browning. They get too browned easily at this point. You may want to do a couple small trials before frying larger batches. They get crisper after they cool and can stay crisp up to three days.

Note for those on the SCD, Elaine warned to try these cautiously, they are very fibrous.


  1. Do you know if rutabaga is GAPS diet friendly?

  2. Angie,
    I cannot local my GAPS book right now. The link I could find does not have it listed in either category:

    On SCD, Elaine cautioned they were an advanced food:

  3. Hi .. OK so i just figured out how to leave a post question! I was thrilled when i came across this recipe for rutabaga chips last night! I made some this morning..and did not understand what I did wrong. Mine were much more soft/soggy unless I really browed them. I did use palm shortening and heated till it turned into don't think that should make a difference. HOW did you get yours to look like they do in the picture with a cripy texture..and especially one that lasts for 3 days? Im desperate here!! S.O.S :)

  4. how do you get them to crisp without burning them?

  5. Shea,
    I hope they're working better for you now. I used oil and a frydaddy. I noticed if I pulled them just when they started to brown they did best, so I did them in small batches.