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Under Construction: This page contains links to research and articles concerning gut flora and health. Many links will concern the role of gut flora and specific modern cronic diseases. I will add updates as I find them so check back periodically.

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Gut Bugs and General Health: (Updated 7/10/2012)

Jeremy Nicholson's Gut Instincts: Researching Intestinal Bacteria by Melinda Wenner, Scientific American 7/2008

The intestine and its microflora are partners for the protection of the host: report on the Danone Symposium “The Intelligent Intestine" The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2003

Say Hello to Your Little Friends by Marcu Y. Woo, Caltech Spring 2009

How Microbes Defend and Define Us by Carl Zimmer, New York Times 7/2010

Gut Reaction: 'Good' Microbes Under Attack by Barbara Martinez, Wall Street Journal 8/2009

Of Microbes and Men   by Colin Nickerson, Boston Globe 2/2008

The Brain and Gut Flora: (Updated 4/25/2012

Brain–Gut–Microbe Communication in Health and Disease Frontiers in Physiology 12/2011

Food and Gut Flora: (Updated 7/10/2012)

The Causes of Intestinal Dysbiosis: A Review Alternative Medicine Review 2004 (PDF)

Human nutrition, the gut microbiome and the immune system Nature 6/2011

Diet, gut microbiota and immune responses Nature Immunology 12/2010

Effect of dietary honey on intestinal microflora and toxicity of mycotoxins in mice BMC 2/2005

Understanding Bacteria in General (Updated 4/25/2012)

Bacteria are Beautiful by Dianne K. Newman, Caltech No. 2 2006

Arthritis: (Updated  7/10/2012)

The Microbiome and Rheumatoid Arthritis by Jose Scher and Steven Abramson, Nature Reviews: Rheumatology 10/2011

Modulation of Immune Function by Dietary Lectins in Rheumatoid Athritis (PDF) British Journal of Nutrition 2000

AutoImmunity: (Updated 4/25/2012)

Autoimmunity's collateral damage: Gut microbiota strikes 'back'. Nature Medicine 9/2011

Celiac Disease Insights: Clues to Solving Autoimmunty by Alessio Fasano, Scientific American 8/2009

Commensal flora and the regulation of inflammatory and autoimmune responses Seminars in Immunology 2/2011

Celiacs Disease: (Updated 4/25/2012)

Proof of concept of microbiome-metabolome analysis and delayed gluten exposure on celiac disease autoimmunity in genetically at-risk infants. PLos One 3/2012

Role of Intestinal Bacteria in Gliadin-Induced Changes in Intestinal Mucosa: Study in Germ-Free Rats PLoS One 1/2011

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: (Updated 4/25/2012)

Caltech Biologists Link Gut Microbial Equilibrium to Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Kathy Svitil, Caltech 4/2010

Multiple Sclerosis: (updated: 4/7/2013)

Of Bugs & Brains: Caltech Researchers Discover that Gut Bacteria Affect Multiple Sclerosis Caltech article 7/19/2010 by Kathy Svitil

Antibody response against gastrointestinal antigens in demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system. European Journal of Neurology 1/2013

Molecular mimicry revisited: gut bacteria and multiple sclerosis. Journal of CLinical Microbiology 6/2006

Obesity: (Updated 4/25/2012)

Do Gut Bugs Make You Fat? by Elizabeth Pennisi, Science 12/2006

Type 1 Diabetes: (Updated 4/25/2012)

Toward defining the autoimmune microbiome for type 1 diabetes The ISME Journal 7/2010

The "perfect storm" for type 1 diabetes: the complex interplay between intestinal microbiota, gut permeability, and mucosal immunity Diabetes 10/2008

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