Saturday, June 30, 2012

Interesting Stuff from Other Bloggers

I used to try not to let a week go by without a post. This year has been too busy to keep up with. I just didn't want to let a month come and go without posting something. Luckily there are some facinating talks posted by other bloggers. If you haven't seen these blogs yet, you may enjoy them:

Kristina at the Intestinal Gardener provides a link to this TEDtalk by Jonathan Eisen. Mr. Eisen is "a pioneer in the study of microbial diversity" and his talk is about the importance of gut flora. He thinks of gut flora as another vital organ.

Sierra at Roos Clues provides a link to a TEDtalk by Dr Terry Wahl's. Dr. Wahl's used a grain-free high nutrient diet to overcome debilatating Mutiple Sclerosis. She also has a great book called "Minding My Mitichondria". (although not all recipes in the book are grain-free)

Tom Naughton of Fat Head posts his speech called "Crisis in Nutrition". Although it's about diabetes and obesity, it does an entertaining job of questioning politically correct nutrition.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. I hope to get some recipes up soon.