Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Food and Bugs - Two Different TED Talks

There are two different TED talks here that I found very interesting. Both talks are fascinating and easy to understand. TED talks have a short format, under 18 minutes I believe.

The first one is from Stephan Guyenet on "The American Diet: a Historical Perspective". He discusses the different composition of diet today versus about a hundred years ago. There has been enough of a change to raise a few eyebrows. Stephan also has a blog Whole Health Source.

The second TED talk is from Bonnie Bassler on "How Bacteria Talk" (just scroll down to the little TED screen). Ms. Bessler is a microbial geneticist at Princeton University.  In the late 1990's she was studying the glowing bacteria in angler fish (if you've seen Finding Nemo, this is the monster fish with the "pretty light"). She tried to figure out how they all knew to glow at the same time. Up till then, for the most part, bacteria were not considered intelligent enough to communicate with each other. She discovered that not only do they communicate, they are multi-lingual. The have an intra-species language and a sort of universal language that most bacteria seem to understand.

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