Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moo-less Dairy Products (SCD)

Here are a few products we like and are worth mentioning. Many folks find goat or sheep dairy to be easier to digest.

Meyenburg Goat Milk Butter

One of the first things you'll notice about this butter is how pricey it is. Goat butter is not cheap. Butter just happens to freeze well, and we use a lot of it, so when I saw it on clearance I stocked up (just wrap in freezer paper). The next thing you'll notice is that it isn't yellow like cow butter, it's white. According to Wikepedia it's because "goats produce milk with the yellow beta-carotene converted to a colorless form of vitamin A". The vitamin A in butter is suppose to require almost no digestive effort and is easy for the body to utilize. (for more on this see "Why Butter is Better") Because of it's white color, I wasn't expecting this butter to taste, well...buttery, like yellow butter. It is very buttery and wonderful!! My son eats it plain and calls it "butter cheese". I just can't say enough good things about it, especially when I find it on sale.

Alta Dena Goat Milk Cheese

This is a very mild cheese. I think it's too mild to eat plain. I have found it very useful for crackers though. I frequently use cheese in cracker recipes and sometimes using cheddar cheese can overpower the other flavors. This cheese works well for that.

Argitoni Pecorino Romano Cheese

This is a sheep's milk cheese. Romano cheeses are very similar to Parmesan, and usually much cheaper. I will usually use this in place of Parmesan. We purchase this in a big wedge at Sam's Club. It's been our favorite pizza cheese.


  1. Good to know on the Goats butter, I have to admit that it runs about 6.99 for this same brand and I haven't wanted to pay that much for it. When I saw the picture you posted I was like NO WAY! Great price you found! I'll have to consider it an investment in my health and fork over the money to try it! I've been using an aged Goats Cheddar for awhile and love it.

  2. Cow butter is a good source of vitamin A as well, and you can now find grass fed versions which are a good source of CLA (an anti-cancer nutrient only found in the fat of grass fed ruminents). I just try to do goat dairy as much as possible.