Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 Things I Never Knew Until I was a Mom

Mama's Losin' It

This is just for fun from one of my favorite blogs. She frequently has writers workshops with fun topics. Humor truly is the best medicine.

1. The most efficient way to rip a persons' fingernails off is to have them change a crib sheet.

2. It is possible to think your child is the brightest, cutest and most charming one on the planet.

3. Never tell a mother grizzly bear she doesn't know her cub.

4. I've always assumed being President of the United States would be a demanding job, yet many of them seemed to have found time to have sex. Any parent has to wonder how much time they really have on their hands.

5. In reference to item #4, it's amazing we all aren't only children. I tell my cousin, who is child six in her family, she's lucky to even be here.

6. It is possible to sleep with one ear open.

7. The little crappy toys, like the ones you get for a quarter from a gumball machine, will keep a child entertained much longer than an expensive one.

8. Bugs, bubbles, balls and balloons are 4 of the great wonders of the world.

9. The main purpose of bodily fluids is to keep us entertained, especially spit and boogers.

10. After our kid came down with autism and I began to research diet, then I really learned something I would have never suspected: the food pyramid is not based on overwhelming science, but is the result of a group of politicians who said "Hey let's come up with some dietary guidelines for the whole country". The rest is history, a health care crisis is our present, what will our future be?

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  1. Hey Mrs. Ed... dido of #6, #9, #10. Very Funny, thanks for the dose of laugther I needed it!