Thursday, December 1, 2011

Go Ahead Honey...It's Gluten-Free - Theme for December

I'm thrilled be hosting this month's Go Ahead Honey...It's Gluten-Free. It is a gluten-free blog carnival started by the fabulous Naomi Devlin of Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried. I wanted to keep in the holiday spirit so the theme is Dips and Dippers. Do you have a savory or sweet spread, topper or dip that's the perfect gluten-free hors d'oeuvre? Or a crunchy cracker or crudites? Do share. Here's how to join the cocktail party:

-Post a gluten-free recipe for a dip and/or dipper and link it to this carnival. Your recipe will need to be gluten-free, but your blog does not have to be. If you do not have a blog you can email me your recipe with photo.

-Send me the link to your entry and a photo of it by December 27, 2011. My email address is  Label it "Go Ahead Honey" in the subject bar.

-Check back for the recipe round-up. I will try to get the recipes posted ASAP so you have time to use them for New Years Eve.

-Also, you can double dip...send more than one submission if you like.


  1. Hi Tracee, I'm excited to see you're hosting Go Ahead Honey this month! :-) I came over to grab your link to share with another blogger friend who is going SCD and I happen to find this news--woohoo! I look forward to joining in! ;-)


  2. Thanks Shirley! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. I'm going to try and get something in this month! Nearly there with the house, but it is still gobbling up all of my spare time - and then some of the night-time too...

    x x x

  4. Naomi, It sounds like you are very busy this holiday. I hope all your house matters go well.