Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recipe Review - Grain-Free Cocoa Butter Cookies (SCD, GFCF)

OMG...these are so good! Here's our latest favorite cookie recipe from Esther of Digestive Wellness. She declares they are so different from other cookies...and she's right. They have a delightful crisp to them, and then there's the taste the cocoa butter adds to it. It's almost like a hint of white chocolate. And if you are a cookie dough eater you will be in heaven. When baking these I found they turned out best when I used a teaspoonful for each and rolled it into a ball. These burn easy and they don't taste as well when they get too brown, you definitely want to take them out when they have just a touch of golden brown. They are best when very cool. Right now our house is a bit cooler so they do fine in the cookie jar but in the summer they will probably do better in the fridge. These are just too yummy. Thanks Esther!


  1. I want to make these NOW but I just realised I don't have enough cocoa butter, eeeek! thanks for posting, though :-)

  2. MMMMMM,..these cookies look the best,..real winners!

    I love the honey in here,..I never baked cookies where there is honey in them! A must try, dear Mrs. Ed!

    Kisses from Brussels to you!

  3. Hi Tracie,
    You commented on my blog and I followed you to yours. Wow. What an information packed blog. I will take the time to read a lot of it. Funny, I just contacted Esther to ask about the cocoa butter. I have not tried it yet and was wondering how well it was tolerated by people with Crohn's, colitis, etc.

  4. @realfoodforager,
    We tolerate cocoa butter well, but our symptoms are under control. So I'm not sure if it would be considered and advanced food or not.

  5. These look SO darn delicious!!!! :) And guess what?? I just got my lb. of cacao butter in the mail from Digestive Wellness! YUM!!!! I've never had it before! Is there any other way to eat it aside from in these cookies? I don't seem to be tolerating eggs right now so these cookies aren't an option at the moment. There must be some other way to enjoy the legal 'white chocolate'!!!! Can you just melt it & dip banana into it?? Can't wait to hear back! Hope you're feeling well! Love your blog!

  6. SCD'er, If you use pinterest, follow Judith Daley, she has some cocoa butter items posted: