Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lunch Gear

Being on a special diet means taking your food along with you quite often. I take my lunch to work each day and my son takes breakfast and lunch to school. I like having lots of useful gear on hand. No one has asked me to advertise this stuff, I have just found them useful. I love these Lunchopolis Lunch Kits. The most recent one cost $22.50 and that may sound expensive but it includes the lead-free insulated lunch tote, 4 containers with lids and a 15 oz. beverage bottle, all BPA free. Our blue model with green piping came with green containers and the brown with blue piping model came with blue containers. I found ours at the local Drug Emporium but they are also available online, info at Lunchopolis
The only thing missing is a silverware case. I don't like dirty silverware floating around my lunchbox and I worry a knife or fork is going to gouge it up.

The shape of the tote is perfect for holding two bento boxes and two beverages:

I found these adorable ice packs by Rubbermaid, at Target. I think they were $3.99 each. They are also handy to have on hand in the freezer in case of kitchen burns.

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