Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

Valentines day is suppose to be for lovers, but to doctors it's business as usual. Gordon and I had our bi-annual appointment today with our gi doctor. It was a routine check-up and we were seen by a newer nurse practitioner. When she asked how I was doing I told her about my slight gluten-ization at Thanksgiving that had thrown me off a bit. I suspect it made me more susceptible to a cold and possibly the bout of food poisoning. I've finally had my energy level back to normal the past couple of weeks and have been trying to catch-up on everything. I've just been very burpy and such (not sexy, I know). She asked if I was taking a probiotic (nice surprise), and I said yes. I told her about my history with the SCD. I had been able to add a few non-SCD things back to my diet for awhile, but I'm thinking I might need to just eat strict SCD for a bit and see if it helps. She didn't bat an eye and said to at least give it a try for a month. I couldn't believe the SCD was being discussed in a mainstream gi doctors practice! The coincidence...it was Dr. Sidney V. Haas who developed the SCD diet and was convinced the wrong bacteria feed on certain carbs to cause gi symptoms. The "V" stands for "Valentine" as he was born on February 14, 1870.


  1. Tracee - wow, sounds like you have a great Dr.! I love to hear, and read about Dr.'s that are open to other therapies and diets. It is about time....long overdue! :)

  2. Good to hear that you have such a great doc! We recently switched our primary care doc, and our new one actually recommended that I go on a low carb diet since my blood sugar was slightly elevated. He also recommended that I include probiotics - staggered between doses of course - when I had a bout of diverticulitis and needed antibiotics.
    We will definitely stay with him, it is so refreshing to have a regular MD open to integrative methods.
    Best wishes to you for continued good health.

  3. Thanks inag and Francie,
    I think this is a great sign, perhaps things are moving forward a bit.

  4. WOW! Well first, so glad you're feeling better. And second, so awesome that your GI is so supportive. My GI is great and supportive of my alternative methods of healing, but I was surprised when I asked him about the SCD and he had no idea what I was talking about. I was disappointed. But we'll see what he thinks when I'm on the diet 100% of the time and the exam reveals no inflammation (with either a flexible sigmoid or colonoscopy). That will be the REAL test of this diet for me...how well it decreases my inflamed mucosa!

    Good times.