Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Iced Latte (GF)

If you enjoy these here's an easy way to keep a pitcher of them in your fridge. It's easy and cheaper than the commercial version. This can be customized to your taste and preferences (half-caf., non-fat, whole milk, sugar, rapadura, stevia, organic, fair trade etc.). The storebought version can have almost 8 teaspoons of sugar per serving, you can drastically cut that, even if you're using table sugar. I used to add chocolate syrup to mine, but found that using rapadura, instead of table sugar, gives a rich, almost dark chocolate undertone to it. This is best when chilled at least six hours. You may have to experiment with a few batches to get it "just right"

One two quart pitcher

4 cups freshly brewed strong Coffee

1/2 cup Sugar or Rapadura (if using other sweeteners you may have to experiment with amount)


Add sweetener to hot coffee and give it some time to dissolve and cool, about 20 minutes. Pour into 2 quart pitcher. Fill the rest of the way with milk. Chill for at least six hours.

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