Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recipe Review - Crispy Chicken Nuggets from SCD for Life

My five year old is a stickler for kid food and luckily there are many SCD blogs with lots of kid friendly recipes. It's great to see more and more SCD blogs popping up. I especially like Sherry's "Specific Carbohydrate Diet for Life" blog where I found this recipe for Crispy Chicken Nuggets. These were delicious, easy to make, and passed the kid test. I added a teaspoon of Herbs de Provence to the almond flour, but any spice would work well. Thanks Sherry!

Here are some more SCD freindly Chicken Nugget recipes:

Chicken Nuggets from Comfy Belly

Egg-Free Chicken Nuggets from Egg-Free SCD Mommy

All Star Chicken Nuggets from Mrs. Ed's (GFCF and nut-free)

Primal Chicken Nuggets from Life as a Plate (egg-free)

Chicken Avacado Tots from SCD Recipe (GFCF, egg-free, nut-free)

Chicken Tots from PecanBread (egg-free and nut-free)


  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm so glad you like them and more importantly that they passed the kid test!

  2. Sherry, My kid is a tough cookie too, so I'm always relieved to find something he likes.